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Film Tax Incentives or film production tax incentives are the new backbone of film financing equations.  The production tax incentive comes as tradable tax credits, refundable tax credits, film tax rebates and reductions in state taxes.   No movie budget plan is complete in today's marketplace without the consideration of the film tax incentive contribution.

Section 181 Update:  On December 17, 2010 President Obama signed into law a tax extension package which extended Section 181 via Section 744 of the tax code enabling qualifying domestic film production equity investment for tax year 2010 and through 2011.
For more information on this program to enhance American film budgets with equity from domestic film financiers click here.

Traditionally international locations and governments have utilized the film tax incentive in order to draw movie, television, video and new media production to their shores.   With the rising cost of labor in the United States overseas countries tried with great success to lure production away from Hollywood.   Once of the most successful of these was Canada, which built Vancouver and Toronto into major North American production centers.

Film Production 

Film production has made a substantial shift in locations in recent years as economic models and circumstances have changed the incentive and filming landscape.  For one, the falling dollar has actually made the USA more competitive in motion picture production as overseas locations have become more costly for the movie budget of the U.S. Producers, studios and independent film companies.

Geopolitical Considerations

Following 9/11 traveling to foreign nations has become an issue of risk management for studios and production companies, stars and crew.  Staying in the USA became a significant consideration for talent and staff in deciding what to work on.   This made the U.S. more attractive as well.   Rising oil and gasoline prices have likewise threatened the traveling location production as these costs eat into ever tightening budgets.   Combined, all these effects have driven more production back to the United States.

United States Film Tax Incentives

As the country grappled with so-called "Runaway Production" - projects going overseas to cheaper locales, the States started coming up with tax based incentive programs to keep the jobs at home.  The theory is, if Producers find it more beneficial to film in a particular state economically, they will.   And they were right.

State film incentive legislation and their proponents grew.  New Mexico for example started one of the most aggressive and successful programs and film production there exploded.   As more films came to the state, more crew members were trained and gained experience creating more jobs and enlarging the base and number of production crews available to inbound productions.  This program was repeated in many states, Louisiana being the next most significant player in the growing field.  New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts followed suit.

Positive Results

The positive results of the film production tax credits programs in these states lead many other states to pursue this path as well.   The rapid influx of millions of dollars into the local economies were lucrative economic stimulants found highly desirable to the governments, the film industry and the local beneficiaries of the tax incentive.    Fast forward to today and States are competing dramatically to lure productions to their states.

Michigan Film Tax Incentive 

The trend continues with Michigan offering the highest percentage tax incentive in the nation, if not the world.   At 40% statewide and 42% in 102 core cities, Michigan production has experienced a volume of production unimaginable just a few years ago.   With over 60 applications and 30 films shot, prepping or shooting since April, 2008 upon passage, the success of this program is indisputable.  Crew members are returning to the state, productions are mounting daily, training and facilities are expanding and millions of dollars are flowing into local hotels, restaurants, shops, vendors, equipment suppliers, professional services and transportation.

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Film Tax has been Producing films for over 23 years in countries all over the world and all over the United States.  As the hands on Producer on all film and tv productions we have been in the trenches analyzing, researching, consulting, applying, securing, Monetizing and delivering film tax incentives on all our productions.   With global resources and experts in all major production countries and each of the United States and utilizing our in depth knowledge, understanding and relationships, we provide full production service support in guiding you to the right State or country to calculate, determine and maximize your film tax incentive, credit or rebate funding element.  With our relationships with producers, film commissioners, accountants, lawyers and tax credits industry specialists we provide advice, guidance, direction, and full production services as well, including creating a film budget and schedule for you in order to estimate the actual dollar amount you can expect to receive.

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